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Sep 02, 2014 at 08:57 PM

APO & LiveCache Move


Hello World,

another step in the never ending drama of SAP Upgrades.

After the battle for the EHP7 upgrade of your ERP servers was, finally, won, its now time to mess around with our APO/LiveCache servers.

Resource and time constraints forced us to take some unorthodox measures here.

The source servers are based on SLES9/MaxDB 7.7.

To prepare for the upgrade I installed SLES11 + MaxDB7.9 on brand new servers, then restored the MAxDB databases for APO & LC and the SAP kernels to the new servers, for a first test run of the upgrade.

APO came up just fine, so did LC.

XUser setup, DB59, RFC connections, all seems "hanky dory", except in LC10 the system complains about "LiveCache lock server unreachable/not installed".

The strange thing is that LC10 shows LiveCache being up & running, and all connection lights are green and the x_server is likewise running.

At first I thought it was a misconfigured DB user, but I tested all connections in DB59 and they all work OK.

This is my first move of an LC system, so I surely missed something here, but what could it be?