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Custom Z field in report writer GR55


We checked below forum to add custom fields in report writer:

Followed all the steps and added Company Code to our report. As there was standard filler routine for CoCo: E19_FILL_CCR1S_BUKRS we added it to our new field ZZBUKRS and looks like our report works fine.

But with other custom fields, like Profit Center we have a problem as there is not standard routines defined, so we have following questions.

1) I know that there is possibility to add custom routines as well by using SAP custom include. So my questions here is, should it be filler routine or Conversation routine as I saw that in GRCT we can define both? What is the difference between them?

2) What logic should we put behind our new Profit Center routine to get correct data in report when filtering by Profit Center in our reports in GR55 transaction?

3) I saw in DDIC that there is structure called CCR1Z also, should I perform some modifications there?

4) Maybe there is some other steps that I need to perform to get my reports running correctly with new custom fields?

If you need additional information, or I am wrong at some point, please let me know.

Hope to get needed inputs and answers soon, so solve my problem with custom fields.

Hope for your understanding, Kristaps

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