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Sep 02, 2014 at 01:30 PM

Fiscal year breakdown calculation



I have a requirement where in given two dates and variant are given ( start date and end date ), I have to convert the dates to fiscal periods based on variant, and then break down the dates to fiscal years .

For Ex if startdate is 08-2014 and enddate is 09-2017 with variant V3 [ as in fiscal year will be 04-2014 to 03-2015 , 04-2015 to 03-2016 and so on. ]

so my start and end dates 08-2014 and 09-2017 would be converted to

period start date 05-2014 and period end date as 06-2017

then it has to be broken down to fiscal years as

05-2014 to 03-2015

04-2015 to 03-2016

04.2016 to 03-2017

04-2017 to 06.2017

I have implemented the logic in a Z function module and calling it in my program to get the breakdown in an internal table when start and end dates and variant are given as input parameters using standard function modules

DATE_TO_PERIOD_CONVERT to convert input date to period date

FCOM_POSTING_DATE_OF_YEAR_GET get fiscal year start and end dates

and it is working fine.

I am just wondering is this functionality is already implemented in some standard function module as this is a normal requirement for breakdown of costs for fiscal years.

I have searched in SAP and in forums and blogs but could not get any such FM implementing this functionality.

Please let me know if at all anyone has encountered any standard FM implementing this functionality so that I would not be using my code.