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Sep 02, 2014 at 11:57 AM

production order internal number range-alphanumeric



I am a PP functional person & need some input related production order internal number range alphanumeric.

Ex oredr number abcd0001 to abcd9999

I was got this below process from SCN & suggested to my Technical team.But team is unable to implementing this.

(You can generate alphanumeric serial number with the following BADI / Customer Exit:

Name of Enhancement : IQSM0001

Name of Function Module Exit: EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001

Name of Include : ZXQSMU01


This user exit can be used to create the serial numbers automatically for material of a production order. Number of serial numbers generated will be equal to the total number of quantity. The purpose behind development of this user exit was to attach prefix in each serial number generated.

so as per your requirement you can generate serial number like ABC0001 etc.

Process Steps:

For exit: EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001

1. Get serial number profile for a material in respective plant.

2. Check if the profile is u2018XYZu2019.

3. If profile is u2018XYZu2019 generate the serial numbers for the given quantity of material in production order.

General Program Structure

For exit: EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001

1. Get the serial number profile using function module 'MARC_SINGLE_READ' for a material.

2. Check if the profile is u2018XYZu2019.

3. If the serial number profile is u2018XYZu2019 then generate the serial numbers for the given production order quantity of a material.

4. Concatenate ABC as a prefix to the all generated serial numbers

Provide above details reg. implementation BADI / Enhancement to your ABAPer and go ahead.)

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