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Sep 02, 2014 at 11:46 AM

"Simple" is getting confusing!


"Simple" is the new buzzword at SAP, but I would like to know if I'm the only one getting confused with all this simplicity.

I was watching this blog What Can SAP Simple Finance Provide Your Organization?, and I have to say right now I don't have a clear picture of what exactly is SAP's roadmap. The following confuses me:

  • In that blog they say that this is supplement product, but then in the video of that same blog, the description of simplification is a technical one (less tables and code) but that the old UI will survive side by side with the new one. Is this ECC Financials with a new UI/"Data Model", or something else?
  • They talk about SAP Simple Financials in the Cloud but SAP's strength was always it's tight integration with logistical modules. How does this integrate with SAP logistcs and HR? Interfaces? This doesn't seem "simple" to me;
  • Will this replace SAP FI in the long run? Does this mean SAP FI is going to stand still in time with all investment going into "Simple Financials"?

If I was a SAP customer I would be a bit worried about my investments. SAP's roadmap has always been less then clear on the peripheral components, like BI, Mobile, but this is about the core, the ECC.

Finally I don't understand why SAP keeps using the word "Simple" since they keep having to explain that simple doesn't mean less functionality. A marketing buzzword that needs to be constantly explained ... doesn't really work.

What are your feelings on this? Is this clear, confusing?