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Sep 02, 2014 at 09:29 AM

Statutory Inspection planning in PM


Dear Experts,

I need an advise on the Inspection planning in plant maintenance. To me Inspection and calibrations are two different processes.

Inspection can be related to any equipment (whether a Test Equipment or a manufacturing equipment). Test equipment e.g. Vernier caliper, Meggers, Current meter, Multimeter etc. helps to take the measurement reading. With time , the accuracy of the measuring equipment gets deviated from the required and then it need to undergo the "Calibration Process".

On the other hand, the manufacturing Equipment, It self need to undergo some "Statutory Inspection" (due to legal requirement from various government bodies) e.g. in large Oil and gas plants , Particle content into smoke, Noise level from an equipment, Inspection of various fire extinguishers etc are required to be inspected on periodic basis and need to be certified by an external/ internal agency. This certificate can be submitted on demand to various Govt. bodies.

if some Non compliance is being found during Inspection, the corrective action need to taken by replacement or maintenance of that part.

I need to get some guidance on Inspection plan for such equipment. How the process can be mapped into SAP. Do we need to go through QM path for Inspection plan? How certificates can be issued for this process?

Please provide the detailed steps ..