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Sep 02, 2014 at 07:20 AM

Electronic Bank Statment/MT940


hi Guru,

i am configuring Electronic Bank statement for my company and facing a scenario.

we make payment to our employees for re-imbursment of their expenses. it is done through straight to bank facility of standard chartered bank. we make payment in SAP employee code wise and update a batch in bank (S2B).

Bank use 508 swift code for such payments and in string 61 after N508 it is updating its own reference and our our employee reference is being updated in string 86

i have following Questions

what configuration /interpretation algorithm should i use to auto clear such payment as by using 015 interpretaion algorithm i am not able to auto clear the outgoing bank

second have i write a search string to read the data form stirng 86 instead of 61. if yes please give me step to step solution

my solution is ready to deliever and i am stuck on tihs point. if it is not done all my effort will be in vain

i am expecting very quick solution as ever