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Former Member
Sep 02, 2014 at 06:32 AM

Object ZPAK does not exist in objekt version A for object type Infopackage



I've transported Info packages to Quality, but in STMS of Qua I've got warning that Info package doesn't exist in object version A. Also I'm unable to see this info package in RSA1 tcode too. I'm working on BI 7.3 environment. The below error messages I've got when I tried to activate the process chain in RSPC for that particular Info package.

Process variant LOADING ZPAK_4AHP0TXLG506DKX1302Q8R9SW does not exist in version A

InfoPackage no longer exists in object version A in table RSLDPIO

DS from QS does not exist in A version; cannot load

Variant 'ZPAK_4AHP0TXLG506DKX1302Q8R9SW' of process type 'LOADING' not found in A version

Type "Complete Deletion of Data Target Contents" process cannot follow process "Execute InfoPackage" variant ZPAK_4AHP0TXLG506DK