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Sep 01, 2014 at 08:04 PM

EHP6 POWL Leave Approval Always go to First Request


I am using POWL application MANAGER_MSS_INBOX_2 for Leave Request Approval in the Portal. When the user selects the Leave Request in POWL, the Leave Approval application opens successfully, but the top request in the POWL list is always displayed, not the request selected from the list. However, if I test in NWBC, the correct leave request is displayed in the detail of the leave request application. So, this seems to be a problem with OBN on the portal.

We are at EA-HR 606 0037 and SAP_BASIS 731 0012 on the ECC side and Portal version ep 7.31.201404102021. I have applied Notes 2005215 - POWL: Navigation issues in powl collector, and 1946640 - POWL : Incorrect leave approval record selected.

I am using the standard feeder class, POWL type, and WF task for Leave Approval. I have configured the action for OBN.

OBJECTVALUE = REQUEST_ID=${item.REQUEST_ID}&WI_ID=${item.externalId}

Launchpad MSS NAV parameters are mapped.

PFCG role has OBN.

The BO target is mapped to the iView in the Role. The target iView is in the same role as POWL application iView/OBN source.

iView Application Parameters.

(If I remove the LRF_ARQ_MODE=A, the application is started in mode R to create a leave request.)

I have debugged and in IF_WD_PORTAL_INTEGRATION~NAVIGATE_TO_OBJECT the correct request_ID is being passed in the OBN event from the POWL action handler to the portal. But it does not reach the standard FPM feeder class for the Leave Approval.

Is there a mistake in my Portal OBN config? Am I missing a Note that needs to be applied?

Thanks for your advice.


Launchpad.png (56.1 kB)
Target iView.png (26.5 kB)
PFCG role.JPG (79.2 kB)