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Former Member
Sep 01, 2014 at 12:21 PM

LTOG problems & Goods issue problems


Hello All,

I have 2 problems here in sap

1) I have created a transfer order and i have confirmed a transfer order. while i tried to do PGI for the delivery it is giving error message stock deficit. there are lot of stock when i checked in MMBE. But when i checked MB5B the stock is less than the quantity of stock to be goods issued.

Can any one explain why the system is able to confirm the TO also if there is less stock in MB5B and created issue for GI posting. it will create trouble for end users when they confrim TO and load the truck and cannot do PGI for the delivery. How to overcome this ?

2) I have created a transfer order for the delivery and confirmed it. I have cancelled transfer order using LTOG. After cancellation it is not creating a return transfer order for bulk and fixed bins orders. It is only creating return orders when picking is done from overflow area(Interim).

Any reason for this?