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Sep 01, 2014 at 10:05 AM

NWBC 4 For Desktop Customising


Hi guys,

Yes its this topic again. I have read I think every topic on here about this and sadly I am still confused enough to create a new topic.

My goals:

1. Change the Logo in top right

2. Change the background

3. Change the look and feel of NWBC

Technical details:

SAP Gui 730 PL 7

NWBC Version: 4.0 Final Release PL 13, Built: 2014-05-07 03:03 (Codeline: 40_REL, OPT Build), Installed: 2014-06-08 21:30 NWBC Server Version: SAPGUI Version: 7300.3.7.3287 Internet Explorer Version: 9.00.8112.16421 .NET Version: v4 () Java Plug-In Version: 10.4.0 Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 v6.1.7601 [Server Standard (Full)] 64-bit (WOW64)

So here is what I have done:

1. Change the Logo

I went to table NWBC and made the following entries

This works lovely and I have my image and after entering a second entry (BRANDING_URL) with Value of a url it becomes clickable so all is great. (only using Google image to demonstrate I can change the default logo and of course this will not be used in a productive sense)

What I need to do now is not read the image from a website but rather load it into MIME directory but I am not sure on this process.

2. Change the background Image.

So I think I need to use the theme editor for this. I read topics here and found transaction U15/THEME_DESIGNER. I had a play here and followed a topic describing the steps to make a copy of sap_corbu however I am getting an error

Here is the first screen where I select SAP_CORBU and hit EDIT:

On the next screen I select Application Previews and then choose the Index Page check box and I then see the Index page appear on the left hand side

I now click on the Index Page and according to SAP documentation etc I should see a preview of the page however...

When I look at the url it is trying to go to it is this:

(ignore the xxx bits - i just replaced those for security reasons)

The point here is i think it is looking for a service but cannot find it (sap>bc>theming>themes) so I looked in SICF and I can see(well could whilst i had FF access) that sap>bc>theming exists as a structure but nothing under theming called themes. I created themes under theming but had no idea what I was doing and it completed killed the /U15/THEME_DESIGNER transaction so I deleted it again.

So what do I do to correct this so I can change the theme background colour or image?

3. Changing the look and feel

By this I mean the first screen in NWBC (desktop?) I made an entry in table NWBC_CFG like this and you can see the before and after in NWBC below


then I make this in NWBC_CFG


So clearly the entry is working however whatever I try I cannot get any other entry to make any difference.

Ideally I would like to be ablwe to offer the viual look and feel from version 3.5 like this....

but before you tell me to install 3.5 I can tell you I can onlt use v4 pl 13.

Everyone agrees the 3.5 look is better than 4 but is it possible to get this in 4 (custom theme perhaps after solving problem 2 above?)

Sorry for the long post but i though this might be useful as I see so many questions but few real solutions here so maybe this can help others once solved (ps I love screen shots of solutions as it is easier to understand)

Thanks in advance



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