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Former Member
Sep 01, 2014 at 07:02 AM

Message pop at the start-up of Design Studio1.3


Hi Supers,

I resently installed Design Studio1.3, but following message pop-ups at the starting of DS1.3:

"Design Studio extensions are generally supported, but the support has not been installed on the server yet.

As a coneqeuence, you will not be able to use Design Studio extensions durcing server execution."


1)Does it mean this only effects the excution of SDK components?(I do installed some SDK componients), if I only use standard componients in my APP, this will NOT effect me?

2)I checked the PAM of DS1.3 and notes1945541, it suggest that my BW should install SP>=11(my current is BW731,SP8), is that I inform my Basis guy to install SP11 and this will be fixed? Or some other add-ons I need to tell them install in my BW server?

PS. I use DS1.3 on NW mode, not BOE

I searched, but can't find a thead talk this. Thanks to all.