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SAP PI truncates files to 16384 bytes

Jan 24, 2017 at 12:00 PM


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Hi experts,

I faced with next problem:

We have simple Adapter Type: File (SAP BASIS 7.00 @ NW04S_32_REL). Transport Protocol: FTP. Input type of a file is XML.

Sometimes, Adapter Engine gets only 16384 bytes of a file. In log I find next:
Send text file "7500033_33-142-20170123-14213598_1.xml" from FTP server "xxx", size 16384 bytes with QoS EO.

In archive folder always we can find correct input files.

Size of an input file doesn't matter. It should be bigger than 16384 bytes. It can be 20kb, 40kb... up to 80 kb.

This issue happens suddenly. There are can be flow of XML, for example, 100 XML, but one of them could be "truncated".

I suppose, the problem is at the class's File_ level. Because I see the problem at the start of the integration process.

Are someone of you've faced with such problem? Does anyone have ideas or solutions?

Kind Regards,
Kirill Levitskiy

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Iñaki Vila Jan 24, 2017 at 12:39 PM


I had the same problem in PI 7.0 and the problem was between de AE and the IE. Then i had to modify the parameter icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB in the IE (

Pay attention, if you had a really big messages you can overload the queue system, depending your system hw.


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Thank you for the reply!

What do you mean? This behavior can be like method of protecting server from DoS, so increasing a value of the parameter can help to solve it? It make sense.


Hi Kirill,

Yes you are right, but although i solved this problem in that way i had a problem with 300Mb messages overloading the PI memory. When you solved the problem you should do a load test with the huge messages that you plan to have.