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Aug 29, 2014 at 03:39 PM

UI5 + RDE: Javascript view can't be loaded


Hi all,

I've had some UI5 experience over the last months developing Java EE applications with UI5 javascript frontend, deployed to HCP.

Now I'd like to learn the HTML5 side of HCP, in order to develop UI5 applications, leveraging also RDE.

However, with RDE/HTML5, I'm really unable to load a very easy application ("hello world") which shows a simple textview controller in the main Javascript view.

I can see that the RDE wizard creates a XML view, which I deleted and changed the UI5 application to be fully javascript oriented with a JS view.

Of course I also edited the index.html accordingly.

Whatever I do, I get a weird javascript error:

  1. Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function JSView.js:6
    1. (anonymous function)JSView.js:6
    2. d.runWithPreprocessorssap-ui-core.js:134
    3. sap.ui.core.mvc.JSView.onControllerConnectedJSView.js:6
    4. sap.ui.core.mvc.View._initCompositeSupportView.js:6
    5. E.extend.constructorsap-ui-core.js:134
    6. M.extend.constructorsap-ui-core.js:134
    7. E.extend.constructorsap-ui-core.js:134
    8. fsap-ui-core.js:122
    9. fsap-ui-core.js:122
    10. osap-ui-core.js:116
    11. sap.ui.viewView.js:6
    12. o.(anonymous function)sap-ui-core.js:116
    13. (anonymous function)index.html?hc_orionpath=%2Fi044892trial%24I044892-OrionContent%2Fportaltest&sap-ui-language=en&sap-…:16

The Chrome debugger doesn't even get into the view code itself, the error is at framework level.

I am starting to wonder whether there's any requirement/limitation on how the HTML5 applications should be arranged (e.g. only UI5 XML views are supported).

Could anyone please shed some light?

Thanks a lot



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