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Aug 29, 2014 at 02:18 PM

How to add new rate once GRN posted.


ABC-Raw Material Case

Po raised for 110 kg with Rate is rs. 2/- per kgs.

Eg- Purchase Order created 110 kg,so PO value is 110 kg X 2rupee = 220 rupee.

At gate entry is Net weight is 100kg,

2 rupees each kg .So 100 kg X 2 rupee = 200 rupee

Moisture is 42 % .

GR quantity = 100 – 42 = 58kg.

  • Now we got goods receipt quantity is made for 58 kg. Inventory will hit for 58 kg but not on 2rupees,its recalculated on new value .

Now to match vendor invoice value need to recalculate asNew rate = Net weight(at Gate entry) X Rate/GR quantity.200 / 58 = 3.448275862 and New rate is 3.448275862.

  • 58kg X 3.448275862 = 200 rupees. So now inventory will hit on new value.
  • At the time of invoicing the difference amount between vendor invoice and our invoice receipt is 20 rupee will be increased and that amount debited in raw material variance expense and credited to vendor a/c.

But Problem is vendor is not sending invoice at the time of material supplement .And because of this material is issuing to Production and stock reducing.So now my question how to hit Difference amount that is 3.448275862 - 2 = 1.448275862 rupee at the time of Goods receipt in SAP.

Kindly suggest your valuable points.