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Aug 29, 2014 at 01:46 PM

SAP HANA XS Authentication Runtime configuration deleted at root level.


Hi Experts,

This question because I did put myself in a hell of a situation I would'nt dare dream of in my worst nightmares.

Here is the incident I posted to SAP support , but your inputs will be more than welcome !

In the SAP HANA XS Administration Tool, RunTime configuration seems to have been deleted by mistake at root level.

Consequence is that any attemp to connect to any application, including THE SAP HANA XS ADMINISTRATION TOOL itself fails with error message "No authentication method configured" in the web browser.

We need a procedure to reinitiate a default configuration, so as, at least, be able to restart the XS administration Tool.

(I guess I have to put some default file somewhere in a SLES directory, so that the XS Engine can find it ... But I have no clue of what to do! )

SAP HANA XS administration tool was working fine before this incident occured.

(And of course, we don't have any decent backup to restore the whole system...)

Steps to reproduce the incident :

To reproduce the error :

1.log on to SAP HANA XS Administration Tool.

2.Choose the root package

3.Push the 'delete' button, confirm.

4.Log out.

(This is utterly idiot, but it was done anyway!!!, don't do it in a system you cannot refresh !)

==> Try to log again.

==> Try to log to SAP HANA Live Browser.

---> Same error message.

Thanks for your help, support, advice, ideas...