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Aug 29, 2014 at 12:43 PM

NUMC to Edm.Decimal or Edm.IntXX per best practicesfrom SP8 - But how?


Hi All,

We've just updated the Gateway to the latest back-end patch and now have errors being reported by SEGW where I had previously mapped PERNR_D (Personnel Number in HR) to Edm>Decimal. I can still generate the objects but I get user ignored critical errors noted when I do so.

Please note - According to the best practices - OData Best Practices - SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND) - SAP Library - It says:


  • Do use Edm.IntXX or Edm.Decimal for NUMC fieldsThis takes care of leading zeros and alpha conversions."

I like the leading zeros being taken care of, so my question - How should I map something like PERNR_D in Gateway after applying SP8 to get automatic leading zero alpha conversion but not get the following errors:

ABAP type 'PERNR_D (NUMC[8[) not applicable with EDM core type 'Edm.Decimal'.

FYI - None of the Edm.IntXX seem to work either.