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consider Order Priority with DS Heuristics

Hello SAP gurus,

This is PPDS heuristics question (/sapapo/cdpsb0)...

Currently I am facing issue trying to let a heuristics consider order priority field (populated with PP run - inherited into planned orders) at PP or DS heuristics run. I tried changing Sorts Procedure with a heuristics copied from SAP_PP_002, but it did not work as desired. I tries using a copy of SAP_DS_02 with sort section maintained with priority 0 thru 255, but it only seems to consider/not-consider orders marked with priorities, and it does not actually prioritize planned orders while scheduling.

Example of what is desired is as follows.

Same Resource (single-mix) for production) to produce Product A and Product B.

Product B has priority 1, where Product A has priority 2.

-- Following () numbers are planned numbers generated with PP run:

Product A -- has requirements posted  -- (3) Aug/30th 10ea, (2) Sept/5th 10ea, (1) Sept/15th 10ea.

Product B -- has requirements posted -- (6) Aug/29th 10ea, (5)Sept/5th 10ea, (4) Sept/10th 10ea.

With DS heuristics run, hoping it would sequence as follows:

Aug/26th - Product B - (6) - 10ea

Aug/30th - Product A - (3) - 10ea

Sept/5th - Product B - (5) - 10ea <-- this comes first

Sept/5th - Product A - (2) - 10ea <-- this comes later

Sept/10th - Product B - (4) - 10ea

Sept/15th - Product A - (1) - 10ea

I appreciate for any clue to do this, using standard functionality -- since requesting additional developments we face several months to do so.

Best Regards,


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3 Answers

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    Sep 01, 2014 at 01:32 AM

    If to consider "Product Priority" with PP Run, I found as follows ---

    1) Setup MVM (/sapapo/mvm) and select Planning Version, at the detail screen on right, mark Priority adoption as 2 (always adopt priority from Product)

    2) Setup Product master data records with Priority (in SNP2, also visible with PPDS tab screen)

    In this case, it seems if within same period with several prioritized products have several requirements recognized to be produced, with PP run, it generates Planned Orders based upon product priority.

    -- But PP Run is infinite, which means does not consider Capacity and other detailed constraints. Therefore, if utilizing above, after PP Run we require to run DS heuristics to consider capacity situation. I tried to incorporate DS Heuristics into PP Run (/sapapo/cdpsb0) but it will take up too much time if marked with finite scheduling ...

    Is there any way that this Priority gets considered even with DS Heuristics ?

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    Sep 01, 2014 at 01:39 AM

    Also to consider Order Priority with Optimizer run, we can setup "Delay Costs" with Order Priority (for example, setup Priority 1 = 1000, Priority 2 = 50, rest = 1) -- so it works as --

    (1) If Product B faces 1 hour delay, 60 (seconds) X 60 (minutes) X 50 = 3600 X 50 = 180,000

    (2) If Product A faces 3 hours delay, 60 (seconds) X 60 (minutes) X 1000 = 3,600,000

    (3) If Product B faces 25 hours delay, 60 (seconds) X 60 (minutes) X 50 = 4,500,000

    --> Therefore, planned orders are generated & sequenced in order of (3), (2), (1) -- Which is desired.

    But if we do NOT face any delay, then using "Delay Costs" does not work, since no multiplier can be captured.

    Goes back again to DS Heuristics discussion....

    Hope anyone can help me.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Miki,

      You can try using heuristics schedule sequence where you can  try to sequence your orders in ascending order of start date, start time and order priority using schedule sequence heuristics  In heuristics setting of heuristics SAP001 you can include order priority as additional field apart from start date and time. So post production planning run you can schedule schedule sequence heuristics which considers order priority.

      You can also try with heuristics SAP005 but for this you need create orders during planning run in deallocated status. In SAP005 you can use scheduling strategy as per your requirement

      One more option is you can function reschedule as next step to PP run here you can use strategy profile which takes into account order priority



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    Sep 18, 2014 at 05:07 AM

    Thank you Santosh.

    I tried SAP001 (forward) with scheduling sequence = priority (ascending), requirement date (ascending), requirement time (ascending) but it would shift all planning entries regardless of other situation (example, if order priority is considered top, then it would shift all planned orders to earliest position, regardless of that you do not need to hurry to produce / fulfill all requirements within PPDS horizon...).

    I will try using SAP005, in combination with strategy profiles forwards, forwards + reverse, backward + reverse (with descending order) if that would help to resolve "too simple sequenced" situation.

    Thank you,


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