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Aug 28, 2014 at 10:47 PM

SMP 3.0 - Agentry - SSO


Hi All,

We are trying to implement SSO (using network/LDAP userID and Password) for Agentry Application in our SMP 3.0 Landscape.

We have configured JavaBE.ini to connect with the Enterprise Portal which connects with LDAP. I have also implemented SAP Note: 2043172.

The whole process seems to work when I enter the right network user ID and password.

But when I enter the right userID but wrong password, I get the below error:

User ID may not be empty. Please Re-enter.


Could not login user XXXXXX - IO Exception SSO server response code of error: 401

I am not sure which scenario throws which error.

I just wanted to understand these errors more, so I can make my solution better. Like what does really mean - 'User ID may not be empty. Please Re-enter'

Second Question: In JavaBE.ini - the user under [SERVICE_LOGON] section - Does this user need to exist in LDAP and SAP System both? I think yes. Just confirming.

And I am not sure if I phrase this question the right way or not - Does Agentry Server holds the SSO Cookie for a user? Or does it request from EP every time the user tries to login?


Ankur Malhotra

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