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Aug 28, 2014 at 02:45 PM

How work Dynamic global Filters in SAP Dashboard


Hi everybody,

I have a requirement which should be possible but i cannot find a solution - i hope you can help me otherwise i go crazy.

I have to create a dashborad (with SAP Dashboards - BO4.1 SP3). In this dashboard we have 10 global filter, e.g. Company, Product,Type,Year,Ratings,etc..

These global filter will be always visible in the dashboard. The user should have the option to choose freely (no specific order) his filter / filters. When he filters e.g. Company i want that all values in the other filters will be automatically refreshed and show only the available values for the choosen company.

So in the end its like cascading/dynamic filters.

I had lots of looks in the forum but the only thing what i found are cascading LOVs - where the order is fixed (e.g. Country->Company->Product) and only for the prompt - but in my case the order should be free and happen in the dashboard.

The datasource is in this case a universe based on SQL Server.

Is there a way to achieve this requirement or do i have to put all possible combinations into excel and code the rest with excel functionality???

Thanks a lot of your time in advance - i really really appreciate any help or idea.