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Aug 28, 2014 at 12:14 PM

PP-APO Integration


Hi Gurus,

Some basic questions, will be obliged for help...

1. I need to exclude the labour time from a PP phase while transferring the PDS to APO.How can I do that? Does labour time get transferred to APO only when I create a secondary resource with resource category 002 in ECC ? Please give detailed steps.

2. Assume that a PP phase has non-scheduling relevant key assigned to it. If this phase has 60 minutes of machine time assigned to it then will there be a difference of 60 minutes between ECC and APO in the duration of the planned order ? How do systems reconcile this?

3. Is there some place in ECC where we can see the exact duration of each phase for a planned order just like we can see in APO in /SAPAPO/RRP2 ?