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Aug 28, 2014 at 11:54 AM

Check PP order confirmation in QM


Hi all,

I need to check QALS table for cancelled PP order confirmations. In my case two type of products being processed. First type processed by pieces and other by meters. I have no problem with products processed by pieces. Inspection type for materials are 04. After PP confirmation inspection lot occurs in system (400....1). When I check this inspection lot in QA32, I see only one product with 20 Meters. I need to set character result for this material ( 2M x 10 pieces). So I used Zprogram for set character results. I insert character result in Z table. It is ok since now.

When PP confirmation cancelled via CO13 I need to update my Z table for character results. I cant find any relation between QALS and AFRU tables for solution (maybe need to check different tables). Only I can find AFRU-WABLNR = QALS-MBLNR. This solution not answer my problem. I need to uptade my Z table in CO13 with userexit.