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Aug 28, 2014 at 11:44 AM

EWA Reports Data Collection Issue Solman 7.1 SPS 10


Dear All,

We have activated the EWA for solman7.1 and performed the necessary steps

for SDCCN ,but the data collected are not complete as you can see in the screen shot [ Missing SAP Product and Product version for PRD system] :

Analysis from 18.08.2014 Until 24.08.2014 Report: PRD, Productive Installation: 0020787916 Session: 1000000003329 THE BEST-RUN BUSINESSES RUN SAP

EarlyWatch Alert-HLM

1 Service Summary

Green rating

We did not detect any critical problems during the EarlyWatch Alert service.

2 Landscape

2.1 Products and Components in current Landscape

Product SID SAP Product Product Version PRD

2.2 Servers in current Landscape

SAP Application Servers SID Host Instance Name Logical Host ABAP JAVA PRD vsapprd vsapprd_PRD_00 vSAPPRD X

DB Servers SID Host Logical Host (SAPDBHOST) PRD hana-prd hana-prd

Components Related SID Component Host Instance Name Logical Host PRD ABAP SCS vsapprd vsapprd_PRD_01 vSAPPRD

2.3 Hardware Configuration

Host Overview Host Hardware Manufacturer Model CPU Type CPU MHz Virtualization Operating System No. of CPUs Memory in MB hana-prd Dell Inc. PowerEdge R910 Xeon E7- 4870 @ 2.40GHz 2393 SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64) 40 517020 vsapprd VMware, Inc. VMware Virtual Platform Xeon E5-2643 0 VMWARE Windows Server 2012 (x86_64) 4 16384

3 Service Preparation and Data Quality of PRD

Green rating

No missing service data is reported in this section.

system PRD is fully prepared for service delivery.

Rating Check Performed Green rating Service Data Quality Green rating Hardware Utilization Data

In preparation for SAP services, ensure that connections, collectors, and service tools are up to date. These functionalities are explained in SAP Notes 91488 and 1172939.

4 Hardware Capacity

Green rating

We have checked your system for potential CPU or memory bottlenecks, and found that the hardware is sufficient for the current workload.

4.1 Overview System PRD

This analysis focuses on the workload during the peak working hours (9-11, 13) and is based on the hourly averages collected by SAPOSCOL. For information about the definition of peak working hours, see SAP Note 1251291.

If the average CPU load exceeds 75%, temporary CPU bottlenecks are likely to occur. An average CPU load of more than 90% is a strong indicator of a CPU bottleneck.

If your hardware cannot handle the maximum memory consumption, this causes a memory bottleneck in your SAP system that can impair performance. The paging rating depends on the ratio of paging activity to physical memory. A ratio exceeding 25% indicates high memory usage (if Java has been detected 0%) and values above 50% (Java 10%) demonstrate a main memory bottleneck.

Server Max. CPU load [%] Date Rating RAM [MB] Max. Paging [% of RAM] Date Rating vsapprd 50 22.08.2014 Green rating 16384 8 22.08.2014 Green rating

5 Business Key Figures


Bear in mind that all assumptions and ratings in this presentation are based on our general experience with other customers and that the findings are not necessarily business-critical in your particular case.

The following general rule of thumb applies to most ratings of application-related backlog key figures:
GREEN – the backlog is smaller than one day of typical daily throughput
YELLOW – the backlog is between one and five days of typical daily throughput
RED – the backlog is above five days of typical daily throughput

Gray – standard evaluation is not possible due to missing reference value

All recommendations in this section are based on our general experience only. We advise you to test our recommendations before using them in your production system.


Overdue or exceptional business documents could be included in the measurements as a result of system errors (for example, user handling issues, configuration or master data issues, open documents on inactive organizational units or document types). Often, these documents are not processed further by the business departments and do not have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, revenue, or working capital.

Note however that these documents could have negative impacts on other areas such as supply chain planning accuracy, performance (of other transactions, reports, or processes), and data and reporting quality.

5.1 SAP Business Process Analytics

With SAP Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager, you can continuously analyze the above key figures and around 500 additional out-of-the-box key figures for continuous improvement potential in your SAP business processes.

(1) You can perform internal business process benchmarking (across organizational units, document types, customers, materials, and so on) for the number of exceptional business documents and/or for the cumulated monetary value of these documents.

(2) You can perform an age analysis to measure how many leftovers you have from previous years or months.

(3)You can analyze a trend for these exceptions over a specific time period.

(4) You can obtain a detailed list for all of these exceptional business documents in the managed system and perform a root cause analysis to identify reasons why these documents are open, overdue, or exceptional.

SAP Business Process Analytics can help you to achieve the following main goals:

° Global transparency of business-relevant exceptions

° Reduced standardization issues (business process template adherence)

° Improved process efficiency due to a reduction in system issues (such as user handling, configuration issues, and master data issues)

° Improved process effectiveness (optimized working capital, increased customer satisfaction, improved supply chain planning)

° Improved process compliance for internal auditing

SAP also provides business process improvement methodology to help you identify and analyze improvement potential within your business processes using Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager and visualize it for your senior management.

For more information, navigate to the following link: here.

5.2 SAP Active Global Support Follow-Up Opportunities

If you have an SAP Enterprise Support contract, SAP Active Global Support provides you with the following offering for obtaining business process analytics and implementing improvements:

- SAP Expert Guided Implementation Business Process Analytics and Improvement (SAP EGI Portfolio Overview)

- CQC Business Process Analytics and Improvement (fact sheet).

If you have an SAP Max Attention Contract, contact your Technical Quality Manager (TQM) for information about how SAP Active Global Support can help you obtain business process analytics and implement improvements.

You can see sample EarlyWatch Alert reports on SAP Service Marketplace at /EWA -> Library -> Media Library.

General information about the EarlyWatch Alert is available at SAP Note 1257308.

I have done the Task-specific settings of SDCCn in solman/managed systems,

ST-AP/I is upto date,

Could you please suggest what needs to be done for this data collection


Thanks in advance