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Aug 28, 2014 at 10:23 AM

unable to print label assigned to list LF01



I have assigned a label consiting of picking & goods transfer information to LF01 list, but the same is not getting printed after releasing the production order.

Did below customizations:

1. Defined lable LF01 with required description.

2. In the next step "Spool parameters for user", chosen the option "print list", assigned output device LP01, Opted hold list in spool, specified retention days as 2.

3. Created a reference order type to assigning required order type

4. Then in print programs sub step, specified above ref.order type, list (LF01), Print variant=1 & Print program

5.In next sub step "List control for transactions" once again opted to print list LF01.

After doing above steps also the label is not being printed.

There is a production order form which I assigned to List LG02 & the same is getting printed.

Please help me.