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Aug 28, 2014 at 08:53 AM

The screen is not triggered in a newly created BP tab (BDT)



I am facing the same problem as stated in

that is:

I've created a screen (se80) ,

application (BUS1),


field group(BUS2),

assigned a field to it,

created a viev (BUS3),

assigned an application and a dataset (as well as my subscreen) to this view ;

assigned a fieldgroup to the view;

section (BUS4);

Assigned View to this section;

Screen (BUS5);

Assign the section to the screen.

create the Screen Sequence (BUS6)

assigned screen to it;

create a screen sequence category

assign the screen sequence to it

Select the BUP001 Screen Sequence and added my screen with number 1000000

Created BP view (BUSD)

Added a dataset to this view.

as well as Central Data set BUP010

created BP role category

Defined BP role (and assigned a veiw to it).

in effect: I managed to create a new tab, but without the screen (I checked: the breakpoint in my PBO module and it is ignored)

Please help.

Thank You, Ɓukasz.