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Aug 28, 2014 at 07:45 AM

The system is not allowing to do the Quality inspection


Dear Shailendra

May be following details give clear understanding.

We are facing a issue due to conversion of Qty into alternative unit and setting back it to base unit.

Scenario details are mentioned below.


PO was Created with Qty 792 in alternative unit M2 (UOM).


We have a scenario where we are receiving goods in SHT Unit i.e. 16.065 SHT with 103 movement type. (Here 16.065 comes after conversion of 792 M2 into SHT)


System is creating auto inspection lot against GR and we are performing result recording & trying to post user decision with Stock Posting but system is giving error "GR Stock exceeded by .05" due to difference which comes after converting M2 Unit to SHT and SHT Unit back to M2

Qty is moving back from 16.065 SHT to 792.050 M2 instead of original value 792 and a difference of .05 is appearing here due to which stock posting is not possible.

In short when difference in Qty is appearing due to conversion of M2 Qty to SHT and SHT Qty back to M2 QTY.

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