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Aug 28, 2014 at 04:42 AM

Preventive Work Order Dates Synchronization with its automatic created notification


Hi all,

I am looking for the answer for the way to solve my pending issue.

we are running IP10 or IP30 regularly and system creates work orders and the work order also creates its notification automatically.

but the problem is that the dates on the notification and work order are not same, but end user want to make it so.

"Basic start" & "Basic fin." date on work order seems determined by its plan date(IP10) or some other date criteria.

so, the dates could be far from now, it could be 3 months later dates or 6 months later dates, so on. this is not a problem.

but Required Start & Required End date on notification seems determined by its execution date of IP10 or IP30.

so, the dates used not be far from now, it's near future date, this is a problem!, I am assuming that the base date for calculating Required Start & Required End date with notification's priority seems the execution date of IP10 or IP30.(am I right?)

is there any method to modify the dates on notification based on its following work order while IP10 or IP30 runs?

(actually, in this case the notification would be the following documents of the work order because system will creates work order firstly and creates notification next step)

if you have any difficulty for reading my poor English, please ask me more detail or explanation.

thank you for your help in advance.