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Aug 27, 2014 at 09:45 AM

Tomcat or IIS/Apache or Both?


We are currently on BOXI 3.1 SP1, have a .net Infoview installation and using wacs for the CMC. As part of a planned upgrade to 64 bit architecture and BOXI 3.1 SP6 we were planning to move over to the Java version of InfoView and drop wacs.

I am currently considering 2 options for our Web and Java App server - Tomcat and IIS using the ISAPI plugin or Tomcat and Apache. However due to hardware constraints we have single servers acting as web and app tiers.

Is it possible to have a single server with IIS and Tomcat runnng side by side?

Are there any pitfalls in simply using Tomcat and not using IIS or Apache? On single server build wouldn't this make more sense to reduce resource usage?