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Aug 27, 2014 at 08:02 AM

FRFT (Bank to Bank Transfer)


Hello Guys,

Please my client are demanding for Automatic Bank to Bank transfer but the issue is clearing account with business area.

example: Business Area 1000 transfer cash to Business Area 6000.

Dr Bank (Bus Area 6000) XXX

Cr Bank (Bus Area 1000) XXX

If we run a trial balance report for Business Area 6000 or 1000 separately it will not balance

How will the system create automatic clearing account any time we run FRFT.

We want the transaction to be like this

DR Bank (Bus Area 6000) XXX

CR Clearing Account XXX

DR Clearing Account XXX

CR Bank (Bus Area 1000) XXX

If we run how trial balance on business area this will make it balance.

Please how will the configuration will be done with automatic bank to bank transfer (FRFT) since it is not cross company code transaction.

Thank you