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Aug 27, 2014 at 05:42 AM

UI5 ESS/MSS applications in HR Renewal 2.0 FP1



We are planning to implement the HR Renewal 2.0 FP1 with UI5 based ESS/MSS functionalities based on SAP Portal.

Please clarify on the following.

1. What types of views (xml/javascript/html/json) is used in the standard delivery of ESS/MSS UI5 applications ?

2. What skill sets are required to customize the SAP Provided ESS/MSS UI5 applications?.

3. Is it required to configure the UWL for Leave Approval, Working time Approval etc in the portal or we can use the POWL instead of UWL. Please note that we will be using the UI5 based ESS/MSS applications in SAP Portal.

4. Is the OData and SICF activation transport requests has to be marked as $tmp or we can create the transport package which can be transported into Quality system etc.?

Please clarify on the above questions. Appreciate your reply.