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Aug 26, 2014 at 09:02 PM

Update report in 2011


We are running Crystal Server 2011 (Version: on a server.

From the CMC Folders view, reports were added via Manage -> Add -> Local Document. The reports had been created in the older Crystal Reports Designer XI Release 2 on a different machine. The corresponding .rpt files are what were imported via the mentioned step.

Now one of these reports has changed. I cannot find a simple explanation or set of steps for how to get this updated .rpt file into the CMS in Crystal Server 2011 beyond deleting it and following the above steps again. Given this software edition has Version Management and Promotion Management, that does not seem the right approach. Neither are currently in use as this server/software was recently setup.

1) What is the right approach to get an updated .rpt file from the development machine into this Production machine?

2) Was this the right approach to use, if not, what is the suggested approach? Only 30 or so reports exist.