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Aug 21, 2014 at 04:10 PM

Looping action over list items for editing - Agentry



I am working on SAP Work Manager 6.0 customising using Agentry 6.1.3. I have a collection that I am looping over for editing (I am using an edit transaction screen for editing), but there is a couple of things that I noticed, as I was editing each collection item through the loop:

1. The editing loop does not start editing from the selected item collection, it always starts from the first item/row on the tile list

2. After editing all the collection items within a parent object, lets suppose I have 8 collection items on the tile list displaying, when I click on the 4th item, the edit transaction screen that opens, always opens/displays the first item on the tile list, irregardless of which one I select/click, the first item/row is always displayed.

Is this standard Agentry behaviour or there is a step that I am missing?

Please advise?!

Thanks and Regards;

Sizo Ndlovu