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Aug 20, 2014 at 10:39 PM

after DROP USER <user_name> CASCADE - volumes not being freed up


Hello HANA community,

We've just achieved an upgrade/migration from BW 7.3 on Oracle to 7.4 on Hana 73 using SUM DMO.

We're about to redo another upgrade in order to refine our upgrade/migration steps, so I dropped the BW schema using this command:

drop user SAPBP2 cascade;

Statement 'drop user SAPBP2 cascade'

successfully executed in 12:56.125 minutes (server processing time: 12:56.113 minutes) - Rows Affected: 0

I'm not sure why the output shows Rows Affected: 0 but the user and its schema are definitely gone from the Catalog and Security folders in the Studio.

My problem is that the Volumes size and Memory usage didn't seem to have reduced at all. I restarted HDB but it still shows the same volume usage for my index servers...

It doesn't look like there should be a special trick in the drop command, so i'm not sure to understand why at least the volume usage didn't go down,

Any idea why?

Thanks for your help.

best regards