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Aug 20, 2014 at 08:52 AM

IDA ALV - different behavior regarding "drill-down" for grouped attributes after upgrade to ERP 6.0 EHP7 SPS5


Hello Experts,

we have upgraded our Dev System to ERP 6.0 EHP 7 SPS5 (coming from SPS4).

We had implement an example with an IDA ALV. On SPS4 we could make a "drill-down" to the single lines of grouped attributes. Now with SPS5 this is not possible anymore if the grouping is done for more than one attribute.

On the following screenshot it scan be seen that the grouping is done over a Peril attribute and the Currency. I can only make a drill-down via the peril attribute, so that the aggregated values per currency are displayed. ON SPS4 it was possible to make a further drill-down for the currency attribute, so that the different single lines were visible which were part of the grouping/aggregation.

SPS5 behavior:

SPS4 behavior:

I did not found any new settings which steers the behavior. Also I did not found any note which gives a hint that this is a bug.

Does anyone know if the behavior for that was changed and why?

Thx & Best regards,



test.JPG (31.7 kB)
test.JPG (51.7 kB)