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Aug 19, 2014 at 11:21 AM

Batch determination cannot pick batch


Dear SAP gurus,

We are in SAP ECC 6 EHP 7. We are using batch determination in Delivery and also availability check which include delivery item in the checking.

We have a scenario to transfer 1 pc of tock X from plant A to plant B then to plant C. We are creating STO 1 from plant A to plant B, and then STO 2 from plant B to plant C. STO 1 auto-create delivery 1 and STO 2 auto-create delivery 2. When STO/Delivery created, the stock situation for X is 10 pcs in plant A, 0 in plant B, and 0 in plant C.

When delivery 1 created, batch determination kick in, batch is determined. When delivery 2 created, because there is 0 stock in plant B, batch determination cannot determine any batch. At this time when we see stock requirement list of material X in plant B, there is -1 qty assigned to delivery 2.

After we issue stock X using delivery 1, the stock in plant A become 9, and stock in plant B become 1. Then we edit the delivery, re-trigger the batch determination in the hope now system can get the batch (because the stock already 1 now). But the problem is, it is NOT. It seems that before batch determination kick in, SAP is using availability check to determine whether there is any quantity can be commited to delivery 2. The problem is, because it thinks that planned available quantity is -1, it fails to commit the quantity, thus batch determination cannot kick in.

The weird thing is the planned availability check is -1 in the first place because the delivery 2 itself (!!) Health logic suggest that because I already order something in plant B, when the goods finally arrived in B, I should be able to pick this goods, but apparently it is NOT. I'm almost sure that the problem is in the availability check, as if I dont include delivery in the availability check, SAP able to commit 1 qty and then batch determination kicks in. But I cannot de-activate this, as we dont want Sales Order and DO commit to quantity that already book.

Is there something that I miss in here?

Best regards,