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Aug 18, 2014 at 06:39 PM

Standard SAP is showing up just only 4 fields, our users want more, can we achieve it?



In our webdyn pro component we used KUNNR as data type for CUSTOMER_NUMB attribute of KNA1 context node, hence we are seeing the below Search help, well, but SAP is displaying only 4 fields by DEFAULT on the dialog box, we want to have more, for example, 10 fields should show up by default in search help dialog box, pls. let us know how can we increase the # of fields on a search help on a custom webdyn pro?

We are aware of that by clicking the + plus symbol we can add the 5 field, well, but its just one time, I mean, we want to save this w/ 5th field, as a user specific layout (just like ALV layout) for this search help for that user so that user every time need not to add the 5th field explicitly by clicking the + plus symbol

Pls. help us either letting us know how to over ride the default 4 fields availability/show up on a search help dialog box or saving a user specific layout setting for ever, wherein user want max. # of fields showing up on search help dialog box?

Actually, you know this is bcz of new theme of CORBU, previously we were on w/ TRADE_SHOW theme and this trade show is very good bcz it shows all the fields on the search help dialog box, as below, hence users used to it and users want the same/max # of fields show up

Thank you