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Aug 18, 2014 at 09:36 AM

SLD Control Centre prompts "Please confirm that SLD service is started"


Good Day,

Technical Information: SAP 9.1 PL 00 | SQL Enterprise Server 2012

I have recently been struggling to find the exact answer the situation mentioned above.

I was trying to reinstall Servertools for SAP B1 because I the client application kept saying that it could not find the SAP Landscape directory(even though it had been installed)

Seeing no results as to either my poor searching on the web or a lack of content focused on this topic, I will cover the solution as I fear I may not be the only one to suffer from this.

Symptoms: You are trying to access the SLD website control-centre via any browser and upon entering your username(B1SiteUser) and password, you are presented with a prompt saying "Please Confirm that SLD service is started"

Remedy: Close the browser if it was open. Open your SAP Service manager, and stop the following services; "License Manager" & "SBO DI Server". Now open task manager and seek the process called "tomcat6.exe" or "tomcat7.exe"(regardless of 32 or 64 bit system architecture). Right-click this process and select on "Go to Service". You will be shown the services window in task manager where the "SLD" service is selected. The description will read "SAP Business One SLD Service". If it does not show this service, simply look through the list to find the above mentioned service.

You will need to right-click the service and sequentially stop and start it. Thereafter, you will need to go back to your SAP Service manager and start only the License manager. Now, in the SAP service manager having started (and still being selected on the) License Manager service, click on the "Settings" > "Set" > "Connect" > "Configure Security" to relanch the SLD website control-centre and re-attempt logging.

If you have been logged in successfully, check to see that the top-most grid contains the correct Server, Server Type and Database Authentication information. If there are not servers listed, you will have to add one by clicking the "Add" button and entering the relevant database information.

Settings should commit instantly whereas you may also have to restart the your license manager service.

You are also now ready to start your "SBO DI Server" service in the SAP Service Manager. Having started the mentioned service, click on the "Connection" button and populate the relevant information. Once done, restart the "SBO DI Server" service and reopen your SAP B1 client application. Once you are presented with the SAP Logon screen, click "Change Company" to check that all information remains valid i.e. your sql and server connection. If no company databases show up, click on the "Refresh" button(having made sure that your server information is correct) and they should show up.

Sometimes, if the above fails, it may point to you having to re-install your Server tools and reinstall them.

Hopefully, you might just be spared such a tedious process.

Goodluck out there!

R Botha