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Aug 14, 2014 at 12:34 PM

SAP JAM to SAP abap integration question


Using the document to connect SAP JAM to CRM abap version 1.4 - 2014-04-10 Connecting SAP Jam with SAP ABAP system

In the CRM UI we get an error message "Error in CRM SAP Jam integration;
contact your system administrator" and we do not see any errors in the SAML traces.

But 2 questions on the guide.

1. report RCLB_CUST_CHECK does give us an error that 2 entries are missing in table CLBC_PLATF_METH but the entries look to be in the tables.

note - the report defaults in Jam into the selection screen but we change to StreamWorks per the config guide

the error lines are

CLBC_PLATF_METH: No Entry in CLBC_PLATF_DEF for Type / Platform StreamWork Jam productive

CLBC_PLATF_METH: No Entry in CLBC_PLATF_DEF for Type / Platform StreamWork staging

But SE16 shows these 2 entries in that table

StreamWork Jam productive GENERIC

StreamWork staging GENERIC

Is the value GENERIC in PLATFOR_METHOD incorrect? or why does the report error these 2 items.

2. In CLB_PLATF this document shows settings service provider = StreamWork, server =
Jam productive, local service provider =

Should service provider be or (that url takes us to success factors) where is to a SAP media site & there was a pre-delivered entry of in this t-code but where service provider = Jam. Since Jam is the successor to Streamwork, that entry makes sense but the document we are using is the most current one

Any feedback welcomed, we believe we have the rest of the steps in the guide set correctly.