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Aug 13, 2014 at 07:59 PM

Install of SAP HANA Studio Dev Ed v1.00.80 fails with "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine"



Scope: JVM error during initial install of SAP HANA Studio Developer Edition v1.00.80, Win86/32bit

Source: installation files pulled from HANA Studio tab at, which is a link from the main HANA site of zip folder: "sap_hana_win32_studio_rev80"

Targeted O/S: Windows 7, 32-bit, local Java is SE 7, update 67. Java environment has been confirmed via checks provided at

Actions taken:

Attempted to update the installation's eclipse.ini file by reducing the -Xmx value; see details below.

Read thru postings such as and the threads it recommended.

Checked OSS (ie Note 1859686 - HANA Studio does not start)

Description of installation error:

Shortly after executing "hdbinst", it fails with the error "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine". I've verified that there is nearly 3G of memory free. What I did notice, as shown in the attached files, is that Eclipse is part of this installation and it's pre-loaded with the "eclipse.ini". I firmly believe the solution could be to reduce parameter "-Xmx1024m" to "-Xmx512m" but it's a catch-22 because even after updating eclipse.ini (in installation folder C:\Program Files\SAP\hdbstudio\tmp_p2director2014.08.13_13.36.44\director), the install program requires that the "hdbstudio" folder to be empty upon restarting it.

Since the installation is basically a package with a lot of .jar files, there is no eclipse.ini file available in the source install folder; otherwise, updating it there would be the easiest solution if that option were available. The file is only available in the targeted deployment folder above.

If you have encountered this same error and were able to resolve it, I would be grateful to know of your solution. Thanks very much.

FYI: the HANA Client installed with no issues.

Jim Cleek

FYI: the images below reflect the sequence of images produced during the installation.

after clicking OK above, the screen below gets updated (see the "is not empty" msg).

Below is the eclipse.ini file located in the deployed/target folder:

Message was edited by: Jim Cleek FYI: Using information from the SAP HANA Database - Studio Installation and Update Guide, I tried to override the installation's use of its eclipse.ini file by passing my own modified version (with "-Xmx512m") of that file that was placed in a separate folder. The cmd used via DOS window was "hdbsetup.exe -a studio --configfile=C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\eclipse.ini" and even though it successfully launched the SAP HANA Lifecycle Management gui, it failed on the first step with the same JVM create error as above because it appears to have used its own eclipse.ini file, which has "-Xmx1024m".