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Aug 13, 2014 at 02:50 PM

Primary / foreign key replication


Good Day,

Suppose we have a Warm Standby , ASE 15.5, RS 15.6 with several databases pairs and table cross reference between these different databases, i.e:

Pdb1 -> Stdby1

Pdb2 -> Stdby2


PdbN -> StdbyN

Table T1 is at Pdb1 , table T2 is at Pdb2

T1 has a Pkey , T2 has a Fkey to PKey on T1( for example a master / detail relation ship)

and so on

Some times due to network latency (or other event) table T2 gets replicated before than T1 and replcation stops due to primary constraint violation, even though the PK exists on T1 ( but hasn't been replicated yet).

Q: Is there any way to ensure that T1 would get replicated first in order to avoid the error?

Thank you