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Aug 13, 2014 at 07:22 AM

Possibilities for changing purchase order print behavior


Hello guys,

I'm kind of new in SAP MM and I had to deal with PDF formula for purchase order. Now I have some questions about what is possible to change behavior for printing data in purchase order print.

First of all we're using our own PDF formula which is a little bit like standard formula MEDRUCK_PO. We're using programm SAPFM06P with routine ADOBE_ENTRY_NEU, no changes in SAP standard behavior were made.

Everyhting works fine with that but we sometimes have some special cases where our user wants some other behavior. Can you please say if it is possible and if so where to do that? (Customizing, formula itself)

1. Changes in purchase order positions -> We have for example 4 purchase order positions. Now for one of them the price has changed. When printing formula then, you only see the changed order position. When you want to see all, user has to change some detail in every of the other positions, thats pretty annoying.

2. Header text 'Changes in purchase order' -> Sometimes the header text is displayed as 'Changes in purchase order', sometimes as "normal" 'Purchase order'. I know it has something to do with status (field DRUVO) of purchase order, but its not clear when which status is set. Any help? :-)

3. Deleted positions -> How is the standard behavior when a position is deleted? I think it will not be listed anymore in the positions printout. Anyway I can control it by catching LOEKZ field. But how is it with the total value field in sum data. I think it still is the whole value including the deleted positions. Is this changeable?

I know there is some customizing in SPRO -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Messages

but I'm not quite sure how it works :-(

Can anyone enlight me? :-)

Thanks a lot.