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Aug 12, 2014 at 02:14 PM

Start dunning after last dunning level



I'm trying to dunn an item that was dunn in the past:

Procedure: R1 level: 01

Procedure: R1 level: 02

Procedure: R1 level: 03

Procedure: R1 level: 04 (this is the last dunning level of the procedure)

Procedure: M1 level: 01

Now I'm trying to dunn it using procedure R1 and I would like to dunn it from level 01.

I tried to change the customization: last dunning level to 03 or 02 or to leave it empty but nothing helped and it is not being included in the proposal

although there is no problem oof frequency or minimum/max amount.

From the extended log I'm not getting explanations.

Please help,