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Aug 12, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Single Delivery using Z delivery doc type for multiple sales orders


Hello All,

User creates sales orders for e.g. 300001,300002 and 300003 using document type OR. ( we use document type OR and LZ for scheduling agreement globally) All data in sales orders is identical so that delivery split will not happen. Item cat is TAN.

User wants to create combine delivery using ZLF document type. Z document type is country specific and created by copying LF document type.

If i go to VL01N using ZLF document type and select ""

System gives me error as "

Transactions do not match according to copy condition 051" message number VL462

Thus i changed copy control for delivery document type then i get error message as "

Sales order requires a different delivery type: LF

" message number VL129

Please note, I can not remove copy control of OR to LF because of global limitations.

Please help me out.