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Aug 11, 2014 at 04:09 PM

Cannot Drop or Rebuild an Index - set index flag error


Hello Experts. I am running into an error while dropping or rebuilding an index. any help on how to resolve this or how i can get rid of this index is really helpful. this is an index created on a column store table with 16.5B records for some performance reasons. Now i get random execution plan error on the procedures written on top of this table(have an analytic view on this table) for data extraction. this is so random and i could find below in the trace files along when the execution plan error was throwed. so not sure if this has to do any with this corrupted index.

BwPopAggregateParallel.cpp(01053) : Index syncpoint mismatch;object=

Below is the error i get when i try to rebuild the index.


Could not execute 'ALTER INDEX IDX_XXXXX' in 285 ms 613 µs .

SAP DBTech JDBC: [2048]: column store error: set index flag error: [2999] general error (no further information available)

HANA is on revision 73

Any help / pointers?


Vinod Nair.