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Aug 11, 2014 at 01:41 PM

Intercompany Sales Incoming Invoice references



We have customized intercompany sales delivery related process.

We have completed SD steps successfully.

1. Sales Order Creation

( Sales Org. 0001 in comp Code 0001, are delivered to customer from plant LY02 in comp code 002)

2. Delivery

3. Customer billing document

4. Intercompany billing document

5. Auto Incoming Invoice creation with RD04 output type

Now, what I do not understand is purchasing process that company code 0002 should create Purchase order, statistical goods receipt and incoming invoice.

I have searched oss notes and forums they all talk about incoming invoice creation with RD04.

I also completed EDI steps successfully that are triggered after RD04.

But it is not working now because I don’t have PO document yet.

I have 3 questions about this process.

Is it possible to create PO automatically?

If it is not how can I create PO document manually with reference to intercompany sales order? so RD04 finds PO and posts incoming invoice.

when should I create PO? (after creating sales order or delivery document).

Should we create statistical goods receipt document with PO reference ?