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Aug 11, 2014 at 01:17 PM

Crystal Server 2013: How to troubleshoot "Can not create temp file---- Error code:-2147215357"


We have a Java7 web app, which generate PDF report by calling Crystal Server 2013 SP4.

The app is being deployed on many different servers. We sometimes got the error below when generating report: Can not create temp file---- Error code:-2147215357 [CRSDK00000615] Error code name:internal





Problem is, this seems to be a pretty generic exception. It could be caused by many different reasons.

e.g. network connection problem, wrong DB login, wrong folder path, lack of folder access right, etc.

Each time we could only guess what's wrong.

We are running into it again, and this time everything seems correctly configured so far.

We wonder if there are more info we can get to troubleshoot? For example, any log file of Crystal Server we should look into? Or does Crystal Server has debug mode which prints more details to tell us what goes wrong?