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Remuneration Statement for Retroactive

I did find a similar question in the archives but it was not answered.

We are generating the employee's Statement of Earnings using the Remuneration Statement program (RPCEDTQ0). The program is incorrectly returning the old amount instead of the current amount.

Transaction: PC_PAYRESULT shows the following results

Current Ident For-Period In-Period Start/FP End/FP ....

O 08.2016 08.2016 06.10.2016 19.10.2016

P 08.2016 09.2016 06.10.2016 19.10.2016

A 08.2016 10.2016 06.10.2016 19.10.2016

When running the Remuneration Statement program the function HR01_FILL_EVAL_DIR is called. This function looks at the In-period to return the evaluation results so it only returns the entry with an In-Period of 08.2016. This happens to be the entry with Identifier 'O' when we actually want the entry with identifier 'A'.

We have played around with the various selection criteria and it makes no difference to the entry returned other than if I change the period to 10.2016. In this case it returns more than just the entry for period 08.2016 which is the only entry I am interested in.

I would appreciate any insight into how people addressed this issue. We need to send out the Statement of Earnings this month so this issue is urgent.

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