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Jan 24, 2017 at 02:11 AM

Descriptions for code list entries for BCO are not visible in runtime


Dear Colleagues,

In my custom business object I want to use Business Configuration Object to supply users with fine-tunable dropdown list.

For this I successfully created BCO with code list type. I also created BCview and maintained a set of default values (for example Y01, Y02 etc for codes and some descriptions). I created BAC with option and topic as well. All has been done as described in SAP Cloud Applications Studio guide version 1611 chapter 8.2.3.

So far everything was good. I also built a custom object (and define one of its fields with the type referenced to code list data type generated from BCO) and generated TT-related screens for it. My dropdown box was in place and worked correctly. I could easily fine-tune entries in dropdown box.

It was previous week.

But yesterday I noticed that no entries in the dropdown had their descriptions. It means that my dropdown was maintained with CodePresentationMode as CodeAndValue, but in UI I could only see entries like "Y01 - <Y01>" etc. I tried to switch to ValueOnly. Now only "<Y01>" was represented in UI.

I went into fine tuning. There my code list has descriptions maintained correctly. I created a new entry Z01 with description to test. But in UI it still shows only "Z01 - <Z01>" for new one as well. Means without description.

I tried to delete the field from the view and bring it back - no effect.

I tried to redeploy Business Configuration for my solution in Cloud Application Studio - no effect.

Now I'm asking your valuable advise. What should I do next to get it fixed and what might be the reason for this issue?