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Descriptions for code list entries for BCO are not visible in runtime

Jan 24, 2017 at 02:11 AM


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Dear Colleagues,

In my custom business object I want to use Business Configuration Object to supply users with fine-tunable dropdown list.

For this I successfully created BCO with code list type. I also created BCview and maintained a set of default values (for example Y01, Y02 etc for codes and some descriptions). I created BAC with option and topic as well. All has been done as described in SAP Cloud Applications Studio guide version 1611 chapter 8.2.3.

So far everything was good. I also built a custom object (and define one of its fields with the type referenced to code list data type generated from BCO) and generated TT-related screens for it. My dropdown box was in place and worked correctly. I could easily fine-tune entries in dropdown box.

It was previous week.

But yesterday I noticed that no entries in the dropdown had their descriptions. It means that my dropdown was maintained with CodePresentationMode as CodeAndValue, but in UI I could only see entries like "Y01 - <Y01>" etc. I tried to switch to ValueOnly. Now only "<Y01>" was represented in UI.

I went into fine tuning. There my code list has descriptions maintained correctly. I created a new entry Z01 with description to test. But in UI it still shows only "Z01 - <Z01>" for new one as well. Means without description.

I tried to delete the field from the view and bring it back - no effect.

I tried to redeploy Business Configuration for my solution in Cloud Application Studio - no effect.

Now I'm asking your valuable advise. What should I do next to get it fixed and what might be the reason for this issue?

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Former Member Jan 31, 2017 at 09:37 AM

Hi Andrey,

Yes, Description is straight forward mapping for id against description, whereas the attribute has different usage.

At this point, you cannot edit the BCO, recreating the BCO(with the field type Description) and BCC is the only option.

Before going for the recreation, make sure you unlinked the BCO from other objects (comment whereever you used the code generated by BCO)

You said previously it was working fine. It leaves me one guess, that the values added via scoping is not affected.



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You're absolutely right, Senthil! Thanks a lot.

I ended up with the recreation of complete set of all artefacts related to BC object (BC object itself, BC view and set, and assignment into fine-tuning).

And I learned it hard way :) To someone who might face the same issue: delete the BC object completely, do not try to fix it. Otherwise, you'll end up with inconsistency. Even the project in Business Configuration may not be accessible until you finish the cleanup.

My only wish is: it'd great if description field type will be defaulted instead of attribute type during BC object creation :)

PS: thanks for the helpful link about attribute as well ;)


The only thing which is confusing me still: it worked for some time right after creation....

Anyway, it's fixed right now :)

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Former Member Jan 30, 2017 at 09:39 AM

Hi Andrey,

In the BCO, can you check the field type for description is set to description or attribute?



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Hi Senthil,

The field type is Attribute.

But initially, dropdown listbox was fine. Do you think "Description" field type will make any difference? That's confusing me a lot.