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Aug 08, 2014 at 02:31 AM

EBS: Posting problems in FF_5



I have the following scenario.

Given a particular phrase in the Notes to Payee field, I want to perform the following postings:

Dr Bank Cr Bank Incoming

Dr Bank Incoming Cr Vendor

So I defined a posting rule for this, using posting type 3 for Posting Area 2 since I don't need to do any clearing.

I then defined some search strings to assign the vendor code using field name and field value. During the search string activation, I used Account Type 1 to specify posting to the second line of the transaction together with BDC Field name and Field Value for the vendor code.

Everything works as it should except that SAP put an asterisk in the field BSEG-HKONT in the SAPMF05A screen of the second line.

BSEG-HKONT is not an input field in this screen and this is causing the posting to fail. If you were to process the posting manually in FEBAN you can just press ENTER and the posting will go through.

Why is SAP populating the BSEG-HKONT field and how I can I stop it?

Any help will be appreciated.