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Aug 06, 2014 at 03:18 PM

clarifications on BW on HANA objects



I need your help to get clarification on the below points.

1. HANA Optimized cubes/dso --> I know how to migrate bw cubes/dso into hana optimized objects. But i need clarification on the below point

Suppose i have a cube in my bw system where i have created some aggregates, SPO's/partitions, created indexes,roll-ups and compression. now if i convert this cube into hana optimized info cube what will happen to all these objects already exists in the cube. please clarify.

2. I know how to create the below objects

a) Transient provider/Analytical index --> By publising HANA views we can create Transient provider and later we can do reporting on these TP.

b) Virtual provider --> By using HANA views we can create VP and later we can use for reporting.

c) composite provider --> By using the combination of info-cube/dso and TP and later these can be avialable for reporting.

Please correct me if i am wrong and i request you to explain the usage of these objects along with one sample business scenario for each object.

3. Importing BW models into HANA --> what is the use of importing BW models and under what situation/bussiness need we need to import the BW models. please clarify.

Note: please provide me some links where i can get some point to point documentation.

Thanks in advance.